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For The Winter Bride
Posted by richard | March 7, 2014

A winter wedding isn’t like other weddings.

There’ll be no photoshoots in front of public gardens or historic fountains, no lingering lawn parties, no bare-shouldered bridesmaids, no clinking of glasses late into the evening as the cicadas hum and the fireflies frolic overhead.

It’ll mostly be an indoor affair. And that, as most winter brides will affirm, does have its compensations.

Take the bridal trousseau, for example. The winter bride may feel compelled to skip the skimpy slivers of lace and ribbon that constitute much wedding night apparel and opt instead for something that offers a little more coverage and still manages to generate some heat of the romantic variety.

It’s that circumstance that Felice Art Couture addresses in its trousseau-worthy collection titled Bohemian Decadence. It’s an exceptionally beautiful collection of statement lingerie and loungewear pieces aimed at the Fall/Winter 2014 market, though it will reach the label’s online shop in early September (and retailers can order now).

Mystique Kaftan
Noelle Robe

As the images below attest, these are wildly romantic and luxurious garments, the sort of thing that will make both brides and grooms swoon in rapture. Velvet kaftans, silk ruffled trousers, cashmere playsuits, sheer chiffon chemises, even a faux fur wrap that’s as soft as mink: it’s almost enough to make someone wish next winter wasn’t so far away (I said almost!).

This is the sixth seasonal collection from talented German designer Claudia Metcalfe, who originally waded into the lingerie market when she was shopping for her own wedding dress. She couldn’t find the combination of vintage glamour and modern style that she was looking for, so she created her own design. She still makes all of Felice‘s luxurious garments herself.


As its name suggests, the new collection is ridiculously decadent and is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement (above) and some of the highly decorative and indulgent fashions it produced.

Metcalfe’s take on old-world decadence reveals itself in a palette rich with gold accents and glittering decorative appliqué. There’s also a complementary range of jeweled accessories for the friskier winter bride, including crystal wrist-ties and an extraordinary Swarovski blindfold.

Felice Art Couture has also gained international attention for its extremely artistic photo campaigns, which manage to capture the timeless essence of romance and beauty. The new campaign might look like it was shot 120 years ago in an English manor house, but — like fine lingerie itself — it’s just an expertly crafted illusion: photographer Vivienne Mok actually shot the campaign in the Delaville Café in Paris.

For North American fans, Felice Art Couture is gradually expanding its distribution network here. You’ll find this unique label online at Bella Bella Boutique, at Trousseau of Dallas, and soon at Sugarbums.

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