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Ashley Graham Live: A Chance To Chat With A Plus-Size Icon
Posted by Lingerie Talk | March 3, 2014

Those occasional online chats with supermodels are usually dreadfully dull affairs and rarely produce anything of value (although you might score a discount coupon code if you log on).

But don’t be surprised if a few sparks fly tomorrow when the iconic plus-size model Ashley Graham hosts a live Facebook chat with fans to help kick off the new season of her just-launched lingerie collaboration with the Canadian retail chain Addition Elle.

It starts at 7 p.m. EST Tuesday, and you can find it here.

Ashley isn’t just a gorgeous model, she’s a formidable voice for full-figured women everywhere, a fearless advocate for other “plus” models, and an inspiration for young women wrestling with body-image issues.

Ashley has worked for numerous brands in her career, but she made international headlines in 2010 as the star of the Lane Bryant commercial that TV networks refused to air during American Idol and other shows. The video of the banned commercial has since been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube.

Her collabo with Addition Elle — marketed under the tagline “Sexy is a state of mind” — debuted last fall and was an instant hit. The second collection, featuring decorative luxury pieces in black and this-year’s-color orchid, showed up on the company website this morning.

Along with Crystal Renn, Robyn Lawley, Whitney Thompson and a few others, Ashley is among a new breed of plus-size models who openly confront the media and fashion industry about the stigmatization of larger women and who have helped turn a niche fashion segment into a market that can’t be ignored.

But her Facebook town hall tomorrow might be worth watching for another reason: some of Addition Elle‘s customers say the 5’9″, size-16 Nebraska girl does not represent the real women who shop in this category, and have voiced their complaints on the company’s social media.

So will tomorrow’s Q&A be all promotional puffery, or a serious dialogue about women in fashion today? Tune in to find out.

In the meantime, here are promo shots from the new collection.

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