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A Campy Classic From The Loved One
Posted by richard | February 18, 2014

Fans of 1960s’ sexploitation cinema will get a big kick out of ‘The Feline Feeling’, a 3½-minute video released yesterday by the retro label The Loved One.

It’s partly a showcase for the indie boutique’s vintagesque lingerie collection, and partly a cleverly constructed …


See if this sounds familiar: you’re midway through a spin class, yoga session, gym circuit or even a morning run when your knickers start to twist, bunch up or start showing unflattering sweat marks. It’s such an annoyance that you dial down your exertion, thereby …

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A Polaroid Throwback From Lascivious
Posted by richard | February 17, 2014

Do not adjust your browser, your iPad or your phone settings. The images you see here are meant to look this way — washed out, underexposed and with colors bleeding like a stack of long-forgotten Polaroids found at a garage sale.

The always-interesting UK luxury …


The American Apparel model who stunned the fashion industry by posing in sexy lingerie at age 62 has a message for everyone, young or old: stop worrying about your age, treat your body well, and enjoy it for as long as you can.


A Breathtaking Ode To ‘Beauty Inside’
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 12, 2014

Imagine if a lingerie company could create a commercial with the powerful emotional impact of Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ spot shown during the Super Bowl … only this time the story is true.

The Thailand brand affiliate for the Japan-based bra company Wacoal has done just …

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