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Etam + Azealia Might Break The Internet
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 24, 2014

Etam‘s annual Paris lingerie show, which will be streamed live tomorrow night, is like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for cool people.

Better staging, awesomely au courant music stars (Beth Ditto, Lily Allen, MIA), A-list fashion and media celebs in the front rows and a frisson of unpredictability that comes from doing it all live. Plus, there’s always something to keep your eyeballs glued to the iPad, other than the models themselvs: in past years, Etam‘s girls cavorted with spring lambs, pythons and tie-dyed poodles. Again — this is live.

The Etam show is also a much smaller version of the carefully packaged Victoria’s Secret extravaganza (it might get 10% of the VS audience), but that could be changing.

For the 7th edition of the show, Etam has amped up its pre-show marketing substantially, hiring bad boy fashion photog Terry Richardson to create two amusing videos to promote the event. Both feature models Natalia Siodmiak and Mihalik Eniko in girl-on-girl catfight, the kind of leering fratboy thing that TR is renowned (and sometimes reviled) for.


The BIG reason to log on and tune in tomorrow night, though, is this year’s musical guest, NYC rapper Azealia Banks (above). The “212” singer’s debut album is finally due to drop next month, so it’s anyone’s guess what she’ll perform tomorrow. But “212” was such an incendiary worldwide smash that if Etam lets her sing it (just imagine Aze chanting “I guess that cunt getting eaten” against a backdrop of parading lingerie models) it could break the Internet.

The Etam show is staged at the Bourse du Commerce and helps kick off Paris Fashion Week. You can only see it online through this special web portal that Etam has set up.

It starts at 9 p.m. Paris time on Tuesday — that’s 3 p.m. in New York or 12 noon in L.A. If you’re viewing it on your smartphone on the subway, do other riders a favor and crank up the volume.

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