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Love. Underwear. Music. Baby.: Gwen Stefani Lingerie For Hanky Panky
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 23, 2014

If you ever saw No Doubt in concert, you know what kind of kinetic force singer Gwen Stefani brought to the occasion: pogoing up and down, climbing banks of speakers and plunging into the bouncing crowd below, which was usually more exhausted than she was.

And given her level of energy, it’s easy to imagine the pop star and fashion rebel must have gone through quite a few pairs of Hanky Panky‘s durable, stretchy thongs during her frenetic career.

So it makes good sense to see Gwen’s rocker chic fashion label L.A.M.B. team up with the New York lingerie powerhouse for a signature collection that will debut this summer.


The collaboration will include four style ranges that feature Gwen’s melting pot of hip, busy prints. So far, Hanky Panky has released only the image above, with a print based on the Old English typeface that is L.A.M.B.‘s signature.

Gwen Stefani is an icon of great style and glamour,” HP co-founder Gale Epstein says in a press release. “A Hanky Panky alliance with her fashion label, L.A.M.B., is a natural fit as both companies share strong similarities: both were founded on vintage references and embody empowerment and femininity (and) both are known for trendsetting design.

“We are excited to offer a collection of lingerie that connects women with their inner rock star!”

The L.A.M.B. x Hanky Panky collection will hit stores in July. It’s a limited release, so mark your calendars if you aren’t disappointed when these pieces sell out.

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