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Sailor Moon Lingerie Takes Off
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 20, 2014

This is a mega-day in the lives of moonies everywhere, and a rotten one for evildoers. The much-anticipated Sailor Moon lingerie collection has finally reached store shelves — well, in Japan, at least.

The collection includes five lingerie sets and two pajama sets based on characters from the massively popular 1990s anime, and is timed to coincide with a TV reboot of the series due this summer.

The sets are based on SM characters Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, while the PJ sets are modeled after Luna and Artemis (alas, there’s no Tuxedo Mask set). The adult underwear sets cost around $50 USD and come with a choker, bra and panties and a removable ribbon in front.

All this might seem puzzling, and a bit creepy, to anyone not swept up by the Sailor Moon craze back in the day, or those fans who don’t feel the need to carry the fight for love and justice into their adult lives. But for countless girls (and now their boyfriends) who came of age in the 1990s, these will be absolute must-haves, whether they’re intended strictly for private enjoyment or your next Comic-Con costume.

Now the big question: how to get your hands on these babies (and no, magic won’t help).

The Sailor Moon line is a collaboration between the Japanese toy merchandising giant Bandai and the lingerie retailer Peach John, which is akin to Japan’s version of VS Pink. You can buy directly from the Peach John website, but if you can’t read Japanese you’ll run into a ton of problems.

A better solution for fans/customers outside Japan is to use a “deputy service” such as From Japan, a kind of dropshipping middleman for people trying to buy products released only in Japan.

For some guidance, the website Sailor Moon Collectibles has a handy list of tips.

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