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A Polaroid Throwback From Lascivious
Posted by richard | February 17, 2014

Do not adjust your browser, your iPad or your phone settings. The images you see here are meant to look this way — washed out, underexposed and with colors bleeding like a stack of long-forgotten Polaroids found at a garage sale.

The always-interesting UK luxury brand Lascivious hired photographer Wendy Bevan — who works almost exclusively (and uniquely) with Polaroid film — to create an authentic retro vibe for its spring lingerie collection.

The resulting campaign doesn’t just evoke the 1960s, but a specific artifact from those times — the familiar Playboy magazine photoshoot, with its titillating mix of modesty and soft-core rebellion that help define the pre-flower power era.

For middle-class baby boomers who grew up in this era, the new Lascivious campaign has many details that will make you shudder with recognition: the panelled rec room walls, the shag carpet, the leatherette furniture, the op-art wallpaper.

The only thing that spoils this very artfully crafted illusion is the new Lascivious pieces themselves. Let’s face it: nothing in the underwear of the 1960s was quite this stimulating or interesting.


For Lascivious, this is a cleverly understated way of showcasing the erotic power of contemporary lingerie fashion. The Playboy era’s superficial, airbrushed beauties might have been enticing for their time, but they aren’t nearly as provocative as a modern woman in a latex pencil skirt and mesh peekaboo bra. Yes, you’ve come a long way, ladies.

The new campaign also marks some new directions for the award-winning brand, and a dramatic about-face in how it presents itself to the world.

In 2013, Lascivious delivered the year’s most sexually charged marketing campaign by partnering with photographer Szymon Brodziak for an R-rated video and photo project that left no doubts about the intentions of anyone wearing Lascivious‘ racy ensembles. In comparison, the new campaign has a nostalgic less-is-more tone, offering a whisper of sexual promise instead of a shout.

You can see the contrast in the new collection, too. It ranges from updates to the signature Lascivious look of geometric cutouts and intriguing points of entry, to the very demure and retro-inspired Jessica babydoll, which you could imagine being worn by Natalie Wood 50 years ago.


Most interesting, though, are a couple of fabulous collaborations from a brand that creates some of its most memorable pieces when working with others.

This time there’s a three-piece collabo with uber-trendy UK latex designer William Wilde (including the must-have bolero shown above) and an elegant silk dress with an impossibly deep V-neck from the provocative Mexican designer Marika Vera. Marika has a rare appreciation of feminine contours and how to drape them in unusual and revealing ways, and the pairing of her talents with those of Lascivious founder Chloe Hamblen is a match made in fashion heaven.

Here’s the rest of Lascivious‘ newest promo campaign which, for a change, is just barely NSFW. We’ve left out one image, which shows bare breasts, in order to keep the Google gestapo and Facebook trolls from spanking us in the not-fun way.

You can see all the new pieces on the Lascivious website, but be sure to check out their blog while you’re there. That way, if your boss or parents barge in and ask you what you’re doing looking at Lascivious, you can say you only read it for the articles.

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