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New Bespoke Label Promises The Ultimate In Exclusive Luxury
Posted by richard | February 12, 2014

Claudia Lambeth knows exactly where she wants to be when she launches her first lingerie label: at the very top of the industry.

And if it sounds like her ambitious reach might exceed her grasp, consider this: the 23-year-old London resident already has a law degree under her belt, studied design at the London College of Fashion, worked for premium brands Kiki De Montparnasse and Beautiful Bottoms, and interned at some leading fashion magazines.

When her debut label Luna Mae bows this spring, she says, it’ll be like nothing else on the market.

Luna Mae will indeed be a rarity: a bespoke couture lingerie brand that offers hands-on service to clients through private appointments in New York and London.

Beginning in September, Claudia will visit clients in their homes or hotel rooms to personally fit them using a range of samples from Luna Mae‘s debut collection. The company won’t actually keep an inventory of garments for sale, as each order will be custom-made based on samples from the debut range.


How exclusive is Luna Mae? So much so that we can’t even show you images from the brand’s first collection, which is currently being assembled in time for a launch in New York City this spring.

The company has released a single ‘teaser’ image on its Facebook page, as well as the behind-the-scenes photos you see here.

Luna Mae will offer a Couture Collection and a Bridal Couture line, which will be highlighted by 18-carat yellow gold fittings (the image above shows a detail of the hand-beaded lace from Luna Mae‘s bridal line). Clients can order bespoke pieces from either series, or work with Claudia’s team to create one-of-a-kind custom garments.

“We will be offering a completely different level of service than what women are used to,” Claudia told Lingerie Talk. “The whole experience is very hands-on and personal.”

And, like the small number of other bespoke lingerie services around the world, it’ll also be pricey. Couture bras hand-stitched from the finest silks and lace will start at about £500, with knickers starting around £250.

Luna Mae is for anyone with a real eye for beauty, a real appreciation of luxury and a really passionate appreciation for lingerie,” Claudia said.

“I felt there wasn’t a brand that went over and above in terms of service and quality. I want to go above that and bring a real couture element to lingerie.”


Claudia has been developing the brand for about two years, but it springs from her personal adoration of fine lingerie, which dates back to her childhood. Sheepishly, she admits to having “a very big personal collection” today.

“I’m so passionate about lingerie, ever since I was absolutely tiny,” she said. “I remember being devastated when I was little and my mother washed all my bikinis in one wash — and they all came out pink.”

Despite getting through law school (“I absolutely hated it,” she says), she knew she wanted to pursue a future in lingerie “because of how it transforms your confidence and makes you feel empowered.

“It’s a powerful thing to give to women.”


Luna Mae will launch first in New York because Claudia sees an opening for “British artisan-handcrafted luxury” garments in America, and will start with its couture line before introducing the ultra-high-end bridal series. Claudia will supervise all fittings (even giving her cell number to clients) while her UK team of seamstresses makes each order from scratch.

“Our purpose is to allow women to indulge in luxury,” she noted. “Obviously our customer base will be smaller, but hopefully happier.”

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