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Be My Malentine
Posted by Lingerie Talk | February 5, 2014

This is the time of year when people start becoming nauseated by the glut of Valentine’s Day marketing. The depressing sameness of it all can sap the fun and romance out of the occasion, and sends many of us trudging to the shops with a heavy, loveless heart.

Which is why we just love it when a lingerie retailer or designer brand finds a clever new way to add some zest to this most saccharine of holidays.

Our favorite example this year comes from the fabulous new online designer boutique Fleur Du Mal, which is promoting V-Day with its own Fleur Du Malentine ensemble.

When you think about it, it’s a wicked little pun: it not only rebrands the occasion with FDM’s own name, but turning “valentine” into “malentine” is a fitting way to describe what has become a rather kinky occasion for many people — it’s Valentine’s Day for nasty girls and boys.

Even better is the product line that FDM is pushing as this year’s must-have Valentine’s gift for naughty lovers.

It’s the mesmerizing Lace Bondage panty and triangle bra set that offers a new spin on all the strappy, peek-a-boo, cupless and backless sets that have been produced by erotic lingerie labels over the past decade.


Fleur Du Mal‘s version is made from decorative, elasticized lace that just begs to be snapped by a playful lover. Be forewarned: this is going to sting a little.

The set comes in black or blush tones and retails for $200. And it’s not quite as risqué as these images suggest: there’s an opaque front panel in nylon tulle on both the bra and panty.

The Lace Bondage set is already getting a fair bit of press attention and is a cinch to sell-out before the big day dawns. Sizes are already limited, so last-minute shoppers beware.

If it’s gone by the time your beau gets around to shopping, it needn’t be a dead end. Fleur Du Mal is one of the best things to happen to online lingerie and accessory shopping in a very long time, and has a constantly changing assortment of clever, original pieces. If your partner can’t find something memorable here, well, he’s just not trying hard enough.

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