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Loungewear For The Lonely Tribe
Posted by richard | February 4, 2014

The New Zealand lingerie label Lonely expands its catalogue with its new 2014 collection, which includes the label’s first foray into loungewear.

It’s hard to tell from these lookbook images how many new pieces are involved, but you’ll spot some nice kimonos, wispy chemises and some cozy shorts.

The new collection is called Seon, a reference to the Korean discipline of solitary Buddhist meditation, and will be launched later this week.

To many diehard fans of the brand, adding loungewear might seem a bit redundant, since Lonely‘s stretchy bodysuits and soft lacy separates already serve as all-purpose, wear-anywhere essentials. Fans don’t need another reason to love this much-admired label, but the new pieces give Lonely girls need something to slip into when the doorbell rings.

What will likely interest people more is the new assortment of Lonely underwear styles, with their subtle lace floral patterns and bold colorways.


Lonely, the offspring of the hip Kiwi fashion label Lonely Hearts, outgrew its reputation as a cult brand a long time ago and, impressively, did so without surrendering its values or its signature style.

Founded in 2003 by a cool young couple — he a snowboarder, she a graphic artist — Lonely Hearts displayed unpredictable, mix-and-match street smarts and the kind of found fashion sensibility that is everywhere today.

The same thing happened to its lingerie line, which bowed in 2009 with a daring and inventive assortment that featured dramatic cutouts and bold strappy looks — the sort of thing that was just way too cool to stay hidden under clothing.

Today, Lonely‘s unconventional take on show-off underwear doesn’t seem so far ahead of the curve; every brand on the planet that targets young female customers seems to be trying something similar and promoting the kind of expressive exhibitionism that is such a key part of the Lonely Hearts DNA.

But that hasn’t impeded the growth of Lonely or its parent brand. A large, international tribe of devoted young followers has grown up around the Lonely Hearts aesthetic, and the label is now widely available in the UK and USA.


What’s their recipe for success? Some fashion writers have commented that Lonely offers a blend of masculine and feminine style references, but we see a more disctintive combination: elegance and attitude.

Lonely lingerie is both feminine and functional, mixing traditional lace with contemporary mesh, incorporating hints of vintage styling and enough straps and clever hardware to give the whole package definition and strength.

It’s no stretch to say that Lonely is the one indie lingerie brand, of the dozens of new designer labels which pop up every year, that best represents the style aspirations of millennials. Its polyglot aesthetic blurs boundaries and, importantly, doesn’t impose a single identity on its wearers. Instead, it’s the base layer for style-savvy young women who are doing the hard work of building their own personal brand.

Perhaps the best thing about Lonely, though, is that it’s important to its fans — not just a wardrobe essential, but an important part of their self-expression. Ask any girl who owns one of Lonely‘s familiar longline bras what’s in their desert island clothing collection and you’ll see what we mean.

All of which is a rather roundabout way of saying the new Seon collection will doubtless satisfy Lonely‘s existing fandom and bring many more into the fold.

Below are some more images from the latest Lonely lookbook. And an update: last year we wrote about the Lonely Girls Project, a photo blog that captures the brand’s customers in their home environments. Happily, that project has continued and you can find plenty of new examples of Lonely girls in their habitat here.

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