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Luxurious Warmth From Mere Basics
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 23, 2014

Some days, like today, it’s impossible to get warm. Icy shivers seem to creep under all your layers, no matter how hard the furnace and space heaters are pumping out hot air.

My go-to choice for persistent chills is a light cashmere sweater that’s been a faithful winter companion for about 10 years. No matter how many high-tech winter wondergarments I try, nothing beats cashmere.

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if someone could adapt that natural, reliable, cozy comfort to the world of winter underwear?

Well, hallelujah. That happened last year with the debut of Mere Basics, a Seattle-based label that has mastered the tricky business of turning soft cashmere wool into a lightweight base layer.


So far, the Mere Basics collection is small but inviting: tanks in short and 3/4 sleeve lengths, a camisole, leggings and a cute tap pant.

MB uses high-grade 100% cashmere with long, extra fine fibers for durability and to allow a tight weave that retains warmth. The company manufactures in Mongolia, where cashmere wool is sustainably harvested from cashmere goats.

Mere Basics was launched by ex-New Yorker Kathleen Baxley, who has a background in finance and business management and who came up with the idea while searching for warm undergarments that wouldn’t show through work and evening attire.

Not surprisingly, pieces in the MB collection aren’t cheap — mostly around $200. But whether you’re shivering in New York or Toronto or Aspen or Anchorage today, this would be a good time to invest in some new woollies. You’ll treasure them like you do your favorite cashmere sweater, and enjoy them for years to come.

Here are some looks from the Mere Basics catalogue. Shop online or through one of the retail partners listed on the company website.

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