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Enfin! Aubade’s 2014 Lingerie Calendar
Posted by Lingerie Talk | January 23, 2014

One of the hottest lingerie gifts during the recent holiday season was also one of the rarest. But it wasn’t a piece of clothing at all.

The annual Aubade lingerie calendar, always coveted by collectors and fashionistas alike, was unusually difficult to find this year, especially in North America.

The reason? It was likely the French brand’s effort to control after-market reselling and make sure the prized gift item reached customers first.

The calendar was unveiled in early November and pirated copies quickly began appearing on EBay, where they are still fetching more than $200 apiece.

Typically, the only way to get your hands on one of the limited-edition black-and-white calendars is through one of Aubade‘s own stores or its boutique retail partners. The calendars are usually offered as a free gift with lingerie purchases, but some boutiques will sell the calendar itself for around $20.

Aubade usually releases a printable PDF version of the calendar for internet shoppers in late fall, but this year waited until last week to make these images available to everyone.

The 2014 calendar is the 16th annual version of this coveted keepsake, and once again features selections from Aubade‘s ever-growing “Lessons in Seduction“. The tempting cover image by photographer Thomas Paquet has a caption which, loosely translated, advises: “Look after your best bits.” Words to live by!

Here’s the rest of the 2014 series, showcasing highlights from the 2013-14 collections of the Parisian brand’s lingerie, swimwear, men’s collection and new fragrance.

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