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There’s a lot of talk these days about ‘real’ fashion models, but it’s hard to get more real than this.

Elly Mayday, a Vancouver pinup and lingerie model, will be spending the next three weeks in hospital recovering from surgery for ovarian cancer on Monday and beginning a new chemotherapy regimen.

She can expect a LOT of get-well cards and wishes.

Elly, 25, only took up modeling a year ago but her inspiring story has already earned her more than 80,000 Facebook followers — and a ton of press.

But even before her cancer diagnosis last year, she was winning fans.

Elly is a plus-size model best known for her work with the B.C. retailer Forever Yours Lingerie, and attracted attention by proudly posting her body measurements on her FB page and personal website.


Calling herself ‘The Curvy Canadian’, Elly is one of a growing number of plus-size models who have used their public profile to fight discrimination and stigmatization of curvy women. She will be featured in an upcoming documentary film called, appropriately, A Perfect 14.

And after beginning treatment for cancer last year, Elly didn’t shy away from the spotlight, instead choosing to tackle the disease with the same fearless approach she brought to lingerie modeling. Her new slogan? “Fighting ovarian cancer and women’s insecurities.”

Despite losing her hair (and 40 pounds) during treatment, Elly sat for a couple of powerful and sexy photoshoots before this week’s surgery — one set in a boxing gym, another more glamorous seductive boudoir setting — that showed off her determination and her enviable curves.


Forever Yours Lingerie is standing behind Elly during her recovery, and it’s a cinch she will have work offers waiting when she’s back on her feet. Expect her to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

“Not everyone in the industry is going to want to work with a person that has a scarred stomach,” she told CTV News last week. “But I have a good story, and I’m trying to start something.”

Elly has asked fans and followers to write to her during her recovery. Her mailing address is:

Elly Mayday
Po Box 20067 Fairview PO
Vancouver, B.C

The bathing suit photo (above) shows Elly in one of her first shoots for Forever Yours and before her diagnosis.

The images below were all shot in the past month, before her surgery on Monday. Gym photos are by Aparte Photography; bouidoir shots are from Pinup Perfection.

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