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Gotta love a woman who doesn’t mince words when it comes to marriage, sex, fashion or any combination thereof.

For example, here’s how Misha Myers explains her decision to reboot her California loungewear label Fair Verona this fall:

“As a married woman, lately one question keeps coming to mind: Why on earth do woman walk around their own home in front of the person they have sex with, looking totally haggard and unkempt, but when they go out in front of a million people they DON’T have sex with, they look stylish, attractive and put together?

“This seems a bit backward. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of it. It’s called a ‘comfort zone,’ which ultimately leads to less sex.”

Bingo! If you take Misha’s argument to its logical conclusion, you come to the immutable underlying equation that drives the lingerie industry: better lingerie = better sex. Or at least more of it.

You might recall our recent profile of Misha, who re-branded Fair Verona as a kind of travel-slash-lingerie portal and spent her time jetsetting around the world collecting and posing in awesome underthings. She’s also a recent bride, so the question of clothing that “leads to less sex” is no small matter.

Rather than complain, though, she set out to find a solution. And this week she opened the new Fair Verona online store, which is filled with romantic, ruffly pieces designed to add a whole lot of sex appeal to your sleepwear and lounging wardrobe. No terry robes or frumpy sweatpants here.


There’s even a unique new style in Fair Verona‘s catalogue, something called the Glamjamma (above): part PJ, part seductive daywear. It comes in a lounge pant with layered ruffle hems and a foldover waistband, a halter-style crop top and a boyshort, all fashioned from modal and silk chiffon.

Elsewhere in the new FV webshop you’ll find styles reminiscent of the brand’s early collections, offering a sexy spin on old-world princess fantasies — bloomers, ruffled bras, hooded camis and a swimwear-inspired monokini.

The objective in all this is to provide a glamorous style makeover for all domestic goddesses — AKA Real Housewives of Anywhere — out there.

“As much as I always want to look put together and presentable for my husband and whomever else may be at my home, I always seem to retreat to the frumpy sweats or workout wear,” Misha says. “I’ve made a firm decision to fix this problem and design loungewear that will make me feel just as sexy as lingerie does.”

So, no more excuses for looking and feeling like a slug around the house. Now, if only someone can tackle the same problem for men.

Here’s a few of the opulent styles available in Fair Verona‘s fall collection, which just arrived in their webshop on Friday.

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