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Coke Gets A French Style Makeover
Posted by LT Staff | November 28, 2013

Can you put a beret on a can of soda pop?

That’s one of the intriguing possibilities that comes to mind with the news that whimsical French fashion icon Chantal Thomass has been appointed the next “creative director” for Coke Light for a year.

The Parisian lingerie maven takes over the guest gig next spring and is expected to unveil a special Valentine’s edition Coke bottle/can, followed by a full design collection in April.

Chantal is one of the most playful spirits in the European lingerie industry and her frequent product collaborations inevitably become treasured collectibles, so there’s a lot of excitement around her Coke appointment.

She follows this year’s Coke Light creative director Marc Jacobs, who had some fun (below) converting his flamboyant fashions into pop bottle designs.


Previous fashion design stars who’ve taken the Coke plunge include Karl Lagerfeld, Nathalie Rykiel and Jean Paul Gaultier, who managed to dress a Coke bottle in a corset in 2012.

So what to expect when Chantal Thomass gets her hands on that iconic container?

Well, obviously, lots of pink. Even better, how about a French lace bottle sleeve?

Keep your fingers crossed.

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