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Coke Gets A French Style Makeover
Posted by LT Staff | November 28, 2013

Can you put a beret on a can of soda pop?

That’s one of the intriguing possibilities that comes to mind with the news that whimsical French fashion icon Chantal Thomass has been appointed the next “creative director” for Coke Light for a year.

The …


One of the effects of the fast-fashion boom over the past two decades is that underwear has become almost disposable, like razors.

It’s an odd paradox: swamped with cheap and cheaply made imports, women are buying more underwear than ever before, but spending less on …

Beach Bunny Dives Into Lingerie
Posted by richard | November 25, 2013

Watching the American Music Awards last night, I was struck by how much the visual presentation of a song has eclipsed the actual performance when it comes to winning audience approval.

Perhaps Katy, TLC, Ke$ha and others hit a few sour notes, but did anyone …

It’s All About The Wings
Posted by LT Staff | November 18, 2013

What’s the one thing that sets Victoria’s Secret Angels apart from all other fashion models — and all women, for that matter? Sure they get an employee discount on glitzy bras, and sure they get two weeks in St. Barts with Leonardo Dicaprio, but that’s …


Our recent series about lingerie brands that rely on crowdfunding sites overlooked another interesting newcomer that is causing a stir in San Francisco.

Blackbird Underpinnings has already raised more than $22,000 on Kickstarter to help finance its debut collection of Flapper-style undies inspired by style …

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