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‘I Am Haiti’ Art Scarves
Posted by richard | October 28, 2013

Before the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show starts gobbling up all the press, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the other work being done by members of the VS team.

VS Angel Adriana Lima volunteered to model these stunning cashmere scarves for the Nomad Two Worlds project run by photographer Russell James, who also shoots VS editorial campaigns including the recent one for the $10-million Fantasy Bra.

At $120 apiece, these scarves are a bargain compared to the VS diamond bra, and they’ll create a much more meaningful impact.

They’re part of the ‘I Am Haiti’ project that began after the 2010 earthquake, in which children were asked to draw pictures of what they wanted to see in the future.

Paintings by children from the Maranatha School and Orphanage in Haiti were used to create the prints for the scarves, which have names like ‘All You Need Is Love’ (above), ‘Golden Flower’ (below), ‘God’s Love’ and ‘Bright Day’.

There are six scarves in the series, and all net proceeds will go back to the orphanage.


Australian photographer James launched Nomad Two Worlds in 2009 to support the work of indigenous aboriginal artists. Since then, the project has aligned itself with the Clinton Global Initiative to develop products that showcase and support indigenous and marginalized communities around the world.

To underscore those values, the ‘I Am Haiti’ scarves are made in India by TMS Group, which has been cited by the United Nations for its “exemplary adherence to fair trade practices.”

You can learn more about these beautiful scarves and the inspiring work of Nomad Two Worlds by visiting the N2W website. For the gift-giver with a conscience, you’ll find plenty of great holiday giving ideas there.

Below are some detail images from the collection.

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