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Anyone who’s ever contemplated bankruptcy, or even a costly divorce, has thought about maxing out their credit cards before calling the lawyers (don’t do it — it’s illegal).

Now, as America lurches toward another financial debt crisis, Victoria’s Secret is offering the fashion equivalent of such willfully blind indulgence: the new jewel-encrusted Royal Fantasy Bra, valued at $10 million.

The lingerie retailer today unveiled the 18th edition of its pre-Christmas attention-getter, which will be the centerpiece of the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The 2013 version is the most costly Fantasy Bra since 2005, and four times the price of last year’s version. Debt ceiling be damned.

Boasting a 52-carat ruby pendant surrounded by 4,200 other gemstones in an 18K gold setting, the bra and matching belt will be worn this year by South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel.

It was designed by the Switzerland-based jeweler Mouawad, which also designed the 2003 VS Fantasy Bra and which is, coincidentally, seeking a buyer for its $55-million L’Incomparable diamond necklace, considered the world’s most expensive.

The VS Fashion Show airs on CBS-TV on Dec. 10. Start saving your pennies.

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