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Madonna’s Glittering Armor
Posted by richard | October 14, 2013

Madonna on a magazine cover is still a newsworthy event.

In this case, it’s her latest appearance in Harper’s Bazaar, which includes a personal essay in which she candidly talks about being raped at knifepoint when she was 20.

That revelation seems strangely at odds with the warrior-goddess image presented in the accompanying photo series. Titled “Madonna Dresses To Dare” and shot by Terry Richardson, it’s all about power and purpose and fearless confrontation.

To achieve such a look, Madonna layers on a wide range of battle-ready accessories (including a kabuki sword).

What caught our eye, though, were the metallic latticework armaments created by Italian craftsman Idriss Guelai.

Idriss is essentially a designer who works in materials like aluminum, titanium, wood and even plexiglas to create one-of-a-kind corsets, breastplates, neckpieces, masks and other unimaginable pieces.

We spoke briefly with him more than a year ago, when a photoshoot featuring his creations appeared in Zink magazine. At the time, he was working mainly as an interior designer and set designer, doing his metal fashions in his spare time.

Since then, Idriss has set up an atelier and design lab in his native Florence to pursue his passion.

“I’m always looking for perfection in my works … because I am imperfect,” he told us. “I’m simply a designer with a passion for fashion.”


But there’s nothing simple about these intricate works, and Madonna’s exposure will have stylists and wealthy fashionistas beating a path to his door.

If you’re hoping to buy one of these awesome accoutrements, good luck. Most are custom one-offs, although a few standard items will show up in the online luxury marketplace (The golden armpiece worn by Madonna, above, was recently offered for €2300 but is now sold out.)

You can follow the work of this remarkable artisan through his Facebook page.

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