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How To Work It Like Britney, B**ch
Posted by richard | October 8, 2013


If you want to look like Britney Spears in her sizzling new video, you’re going to have work, bitch. And save everything you earn to pay for it all.

Britney’s “Work B**ch” video may be giving programmers the fits, but it’s a hit with everyone else — it racked up more than 20 million YouTube views in its first week alone.

And it’s proving to be a bonanza for several independent lingerie designers whose work get prominent exposure in the 4-minute workout thumper.

But if you want to mimic Brit’s look, you’ll also need to get creative.


For the studded bra-harness combination that gets the most screen time, stylist B. Akerlund put together a customized version of the studded leather Surrender bra from NYC Sex Trash (top) and a Ramona suspender belt from the Australian label Hopeless. The trick here? The suspender was inverted and turned into a halter-harness, layered over the Sex Trash bra.

In the vanity mirror scene, Britney is shown wearing the Zest corset from Romanian label Murmur (below).


If you follow the bondage-themed video closely, you’ll also spot Britney in bras from Bordelle and Marlies Dekkers, a skirt from Maison Close and those familiar fishnet tights from Wolford.

And in case you wonder whether this kind of exposure has any impact on the brands involved, here’s what Hopeless designer Gaby Adamidis posted on her Facebook page:

“Totally overwhelmed by the support, messages and kind words about this huge milestone for my little business. It’s completely crazy to think that something I made has now been seen by literally millions of people!”

Now, here’s the video:

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