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Prada’s Underwear As Overwear: The Bra Speaks Up
Posted by richard | September 23, 2013

Just when we thought the lingerie-as-outerwear style trend had nowhere left to go, Miuccia Prada makes us think again.

The Italian designer put her stamp on Milan Fashion Week last week with an expressionistic series of pop-art looks that featured oversized bras — or something resembling them — as the TOP layer.

Bras on top of dresses, bras over overcoats and bra shapes cut into dress patterns. Underwear as overwear.

These weren’t load-bearing foundation garments; there was nothing functional about Prada‘s bras, many of which were fabricated from decorative materials (even flowers).

Paired with dresses bearing digital prints of women’s faces (painted by Italian street artists), the Spring 2014 collection serves a purpose, the designer said: to make people pay attention to women.

“I wanted the clothes to be so bold that people will see you but also listen,” she told reporters after the runway show.

To get that message across, Prada begins with a basic truism about women’s foundations: nothing defines a female body — visually, at least — like a bra. In this era of androgynous models, unisex fashions and blurred gender lines, the appearance of a bra adds clarity and definition. It announces femininity, just like Prada’s outfits, screaming “I am woman!” louder than Helen Reddy.

In end, Prada reminds us again what a bra is really used for: a support garment, a style option, and a powerful tool for social commentary.

Here are some of the statement-making looks from Prada‘s SS14 runway show. Click images to enlarge.

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