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Lock Up Your Daughters: VS Fashion Show Returns In December
Posted by richard | September 9, 2013

Someone in the Victoria’s Secret design department must have missed the memo that made it clear, once and for all, that the lingerie retailer absolutely does not ever under any circumstances market its products to teenage girls.

How else to explain the thrift-shop ensemble above, one of three design sketches released today to announce the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? A new Sexy Little Scraps™ collection?

Actually, it’s meant to promote the segment of the TV show dedicated to VS Pink, the brand’s college-girl line which, if you’ll recall, was the target of noisy protests last spring by parents concerned that the megabrand was targeting a younger clientele with its “Bright Young Things” promotion.

It’s unclear if the image above represents an actual outfit planned for the runway show, but in past years the sketch-teaser has been a reliable predictor of what shows up on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk. The company also released two additional sketches, below, featuring a bridal-themed outfit and a bejeweled glam ensemble.

The 18th annual extravaganza will be broadcast on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

That’s a week later than last year’s show — and right about the time most 15-year-old girls are finishing their mid-terms and heading for the mall.

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