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What To Wear For A Presidential Affair
Posted by richard | August 14, 2013

You’ve just been invited to a cosy, late-night soiree in a private apartment owned by the President of the United States. The question isn’t whether you should accept, it’s what should you pack in your overnight bag?

To be blunt, what does one wear for a presidential affair?

That juicy scenario is something most women (and most presidents) will never encounter, but it’s not entirely far-fetched.

And it’s also the very provocative inspiration for one of the glamorous ensembles in the fall lingerie collection from luxury label Ari Dein.

The colorblocked Boutique Hotel pajama set is a new variation on Ari Dein‘s classic Art Deco-inspired pajamas. AD designer Arielle Shapiro has created a distinctive niche by referencing old Manhattan in many of her pieces, and the enduring Boutique Hotel series was originally inspired by the famed Waldorf Astoria hotel.

This time, though, she updates the elegant PJ set with a new look inspired by reports of “sex parties” hosted by the Kennedy brothers and their cronies in an Upper East Side hotel during the early 1960s.

A 1965 FBI report on the alleged orgies at New York’s Carlyle Hotel, where JFK owned a private suite, was included in more than 2,000 pages of records pertaining to Ted Kennedy that were made public a year after his death in 2009.

The FBI investigation was launched after a Mafia informant told federal agents that the mob hoped to “plant” women in the Kennedy parties to compromise the family. The report said the alleged participants at the Carlyle romps included all three Kennedy brothers, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and his wife Patricia Kennedy.

The existence of the swinging parties was apparently verified by the wife of a former U.S. ambassador who also had a private apartment at the Carlyle.

There’s little substantive proof of what really went on in the Carlyle — where Marilyn Monroe famously sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK — but the story had enough plausibility to fire up Arielle’s imagination.

“The Kennedys along with Marilyn Monroe and the Rat Pack are rumored to have thrown raucous and intimate parties in the Carlyle Hotel’s classic suites,” she writes in explaining the new collection. “We went back in time and found out what the girls were wearing to these ‘alleged’ soirees.”

The colorblocked silk set retails for $495 and is offered in ivory and black, with contrasting trim and mother of pearl buttons.

Would JFK’s alleged mistresses really have had such good taste? We can only speculate.

[Related Tidbit: In her 2012 memoir about her alleged affair with JFK, former White House intern Mimi Alford recounted how the President once seduced her and then left her alone in bed, wearing nothing but one of his dress shirts. A presidential boyfriend shirt?!? She doesn’t say what happened to it, but you can imagine what it would fetch on E-Bay today!]

Below are some images of more pieces from the fall Ari Dein line. Noteworthy are the Carnegie Tuxedo chemise, with the peek-a-boo lace side seam, and which is offered as a tribute to the industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie; and the breathtaking Lace Boutique Hotel demi PJ set.

Any one of these pieces will make you feel like someone‘s First Lady.

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