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A recent episode of the Doctor Oz show listed women’s most embarrassing health problems — all those squirm-inducing bodily dysfunctions that can shred one’s dignity and which mock our efforts to control them. And topping the list? Excessive perspiration.

Yes, plain old sweating beat out such things as bloating, belching and many other complaints on the show’s “5 Most Awkward Health Questions”, not because it’s the most serious medical problem but because it’s such a common nuisance. So common, in fact, that Dr. Oz himself revealed that he wears a bra-like “sweat harness” with absorbent pads in order to prevent perspiration stains from engulfing his shirt under the hot TV studio lights.

If you’re a big sweater like Dr. Oz (and me!) you already know that no amount of anti-perspirant or underarm grooming can control the problem, and you probably keep an extra top (and towel!) close by at all times.

Thankfully, the emergence of moisture-wicking and odor-blocking fabrics in recent years has produced a variety of solutions that either minimize or mask the problem.

We’ve recently written about a couple of independent lingerie labels that are quickly winning loyal customers with anti-leak undergarments, and now here comes another one with “must-have” written all over it.

Nudy Patooty is a brand new label that offers a simple assortment of snug, stylish women’s undershirts that promise to dispel perspiration and block underarm odors.

The patent-pending styles are made from a premium bamboo/Lycra blend that is three to four times more absorbent than cotton and wicks moisture away from the body. And Nudy Patooties have a reinforced underarm layer to prevent perspiration from ruining your expensive designer fashions (and embarrassing you in public).


Company founder Michelle Shemilt, a Canadian who splits her time between Toronto and New York, got the idea for Nudy Patooty while working for the past 4+ years in the high-stress (and high-sweat) environment of equity trading. (Seriously, did anyone have more reason to sweat than stock brokers in the past few years?!)

“I found that perspiration stains were a problem with many of my favorite articles of clothing and my dry cleaning bills were very expensive,” she told Lingerie Talk. “When I looked to find something to wear underneath, I couldn’t find anything practical and comfortable so I set out to design a solution.”

Nudy Patooties resemble dance or yoga tops and come in short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve lengths, with a plunging neckline that allows them to be worn under a wide assortment of tops and dresses. Sleeves are close-fitting and feature delicate stretch lace hems. Both styles are available in nude or black.

Michelle says Nudy Patooty is intended to give women an “extra layer of confidence” during typically busy, stress-filled days.

“We all have enough things to worry about, whether it’s a job interview a review with your boss, a first date or trying to let loose with your girlfriends on a Saturday night,” she said. “It’s hard to feel and act like the fabulous woman you are while trying to conceal embarrassing perspiration stains.”

Nudy Patooty is financing its first production order with an Indiegogo campaign that aims to raise $35,000 by July 18. The campaign offers a variety of incentives and gifts for early supporters, including pre-orders for as little as $30 per garment.

Nudy Patooty shirts will retail for $49-$57 when they reach market in October. At that point, the company will launch an online shop and identify boutique and department store distribution partners.

Of course, if Nudy Patooty succeeds in solving Dr. Oz‘s #1 most embarrassing health problem, you know what that means: the #2 item on his list will move into first place. And let’s just see if someone can solve the problem of women who have orgasms while jogging!

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