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Surviving Swimwear Season
Posted by Melmira Boutique | June 28, 2013

The time is upon us … the anticipated … the dreaded … SWIMWEAR season!

It’s a time when you are in your most vulnerable state, but also time spent in a swimsuit is when we actualize our ultimate goals in life: happiness in rest and …

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Dear Kate’s Spill-Proof Plunge
Posted by richard | June 26, 2013

At last, we have an answer to summer’s most embarrassing question: what’s the safest kind of underwear to wear when jumping out of an airplane?

After all, if there’s any activity likely to cause an accident — the leaky kind, not the oh-crap-the-chute-won’t-open kind — …


It is the great paradox of women’s undergarments: no matter how much modern technology, precision craftsmanship and just plain artistry goes into designing bras, women still end up wearing the wrong ones.

We’ve all heard the damning statistic that 80% of women wear the wrong-sized …


Rapidly emerging advances in fabric technology are giving fashion designers a broad new array of materials to work with and style options that are limited only by their imaginations.

One of the coolest — and most sensible — innovations to reach the intimates market will …

Free People’s New Wild Child
Posted by richard | June 10, 2013

This is always a big week for Free People as festival season kicks into high gear and fans of the boho chic label start shedding layers as a matter of principle.

And if you haven’t yet finalized your outfit for Bonnaroo this weekend, there’s plenty …

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