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Fishnet Gets A Sexy Style Makeover
Posted by richard | May 28, 2013

If you’re still setting sexy fashion trends at an age when most people are contemplating retirement, some people are going to question your judgment (while secretly seething with envy).

Madonna gets a lot of that, parading around in public like a woman a third her age wearing little more than her latest designer skivvies. Good for her.

Madge’s latest poke in the eye of fashion convention came last week at the Billboard Music Awards, where she hauled in three statues for the worldwide success of her MDNA tour.


She also raised eyebrows and set off a predictable tweetstorm of tsk-tsking after showing up in a daring-doesn’t-begin-to-describe-it fishnet ensemble. Yes, fishnet — the go-to costume cliché of strippers and burlesque stars everywhere.

Of course, Madonna’s wasn’t just any ordinary streetwalker ensemble. The bespoke creation from Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci included a see-through fishnet skirt, black high-waisted briefs, a fishnet bodysuit with full sleeves, garter and stockings and plenty of gold-chain bling to weigh it all down. In a word, spectacular.

Still, it’s going to take more than a shout-out from Madonna to bring fishnet out of the fashion dungeon, since it really seems to fit in anywhere except at roller derby competitions or Rocky Horror revival nights.

UK designer Kriss Soonik is up to that challenge, though: her Spring 2013 collection of lingerie and layering pieces is an all-fishnet assortment that gives the much-maligned hosiery fabric a seriously sexy makeover.


“My fascination with fishnet is not a new thing,” the Estonia native writes in her blog. “I produced the first samples about 4 years ago. But then I failed to find the right fabric. … Finding a good-looking fishnet is a difficult task. The fabric has received a tacky reputation and most of the sample materials I saw were exactly that.”

Eventually, she found a soft, high-quality fishnet in the most unlikely place — a French lace manufacturer.

The resulting collection is dramatically daring and very fashionable. (To our knowledge, only The Lake and Stars have tried using similar fabrics in some of their ensembles).

Soonik’s spin on fishnet presents several possibilities: as layering garments perfect for summer festivals; as bold beach cover-ups; as attention-grabbing clubwear; and, finally, as ridiculously provocative lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Soonik repurposes several of her most popular signature loungerie styles — such as her the Inge wrap (above), the Kristel suspender top and the Susan Motion open-back bodysuit — as fishnet pieces in this collection, and the transformation is often startling. Finally, someone has brought fishnet back to the bedroom, where it belongs. Someone alert Madonna!

Here’s a gallery showing some of what’s available in this range, which will almost certainly be one of the coolest and most inventive lingerie collections of the year. You can find them all in Kriss Soonik’s online boutique.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Some fabrics and styles are probably never going to escape the fashion dungeon, thigh high boots, push up shelf bras and the like. Madonna takes it to another level, that is for sure. Perhaps fishnet is just too risqué or much too much in your face in terms of sexuality. Still, I love the look and the fact that it is mired in the dungeon helps to give it a bit of a trashy look, not for every girl, that is for sure. Sometimes I love to wear something most other girls wouldn’t dare wear. Leather crotchless panties anyone?

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