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A Peek Inside Mira’s Treasure Trunk
Posted by richard | March 13, 2013

A few years ago you could count the number of lingerie bloggers on one or two hands. Today, though, there’s a small army of them, spurred in part by the proliferation of new fashion-focused brands and the global distribution of boutique labels made possible by e-commerce.

Among the newest, and most interesting, of these new style-setters is Lost In Lingerie, which caught our eye shortly after it debuted a couple of months ago.


What makes LIL distinctive? Not only does its author reveal the favorites from the large collection stored in her “lingerie trunk” (above), she also models them and accompanies each post with a photoshoot (shot by her partner) that rivals the work done by commercial fashion photographers. That sort of thing is commonplace on thousands of personal street-style fashion blogs, but much rarer for bloggers who work, and write, in their underwear.

Even more surprising is the fact that LIL is from Poland, which has a thriving fashion scene but isn’t generally considered a hotbed (so to speak) for trendy lingerie.

The voice behind Lost In Lingerie is 31-year-old Mira, who has a day job in the music business and a serious passion for luxurious underthings. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself (and share some of her best images):

Lascivious, Zip Brief

Lingerie Talk: What do you hope people will get from Lost In Lingerie?
Mira: By showcasing my personal and eclectic collection of lingerie, I hope to inspire people to discover more of the diverse range available beyond the high street.

Overall, I want to show that lingerie is not just for the special occasion, but you can wear glamorous, luxurious and even edgy lingerie every day. I think lingerie can really empower the wearer. The right set can help put you in a certain frame of mind, or bring out your confident side, or fun side, and so on.

Q: How many lingerie pieces do you own?
A: I never counted! Not thousands, certainly, but enough to never feel bored with my selection!

Fifi Chachnil

Q: Do you consider yourself a “collector” or just an obsessive shopper?
A: I’m not an obsessive shopper, but occasionally impulsive, definitely. I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to collect lingerie, but somehow I do have a sizeable collection! I’m just someone who has a passion for lingerie. I think “lingerie devotee” describes me.

Q: You have featured brands from the UK, Italy, France and even Canada. Is it possible to find those labels in Poland?
A: Poland is much like any other country … you might find these brands in major cities in independent boutiques, but in the smaller cities and towns, it’s not so easy. That’s the great thing about internet shopping, these brands are open to almost anyone, anywhere.

Made By Niki, String Playsuit

Q: What is the designer lingerie market in Poland like. Are there many new emerging designers?
A: I must admit that I haven’t explored the scene here in any great depth. I am only recently back living in Poland after a few years away. So, that’s one of my resolutions, to discover more Polish lingerie designers!

Q: What percentage of a woman’s clothing budget do you think should be spent on undergarments?
A: Tricky question. I don’t think a woman should feel pressure to spend excessively on undergarments (or even outer garments for that matter!). I think better to spend on clothes when you can afford and feel like it. There are other more important things in life.

But, what I can say: if you are spending on clothing, I think it’s important to consider underwear equal to outerwear. I think there’s nothing worse than wearing a beautiful dress, only to skimp on the underwear.

There are times when if you look at my whole outfit, my underwear is of higher value than my outerwear; sometimes you can wear a plain t-shirt and jeans, but if you have the right underwear, you can feel fantastic.

Mint Siren, harness

Q: If you could only own lingerie from one label, which one would it be?
A: Just as soon as I have tried something from every single brand and designer across the world, I’ll get back to you with my answer.

Q: Finally, can you give a list of 5 “must-have” pieces to help women start their own designer lingerie collection?
A: It would take me a month to decide on 5 specific pieces! Instead, here are 5 styles (in no particular order) each with a couple of associated brands and/or designers to give the fledgling lingerie collector an idea where to start…

  • Something GirlyKriss Soonik, Mimi Holliday
  • Something NaughtyLascivious, Paul Seville
  • Something Out of the OrdinaryTania Zekkout, Decadent Designs
  • Something ExtravagantLa Perla, Bordelle
  • Something from an Emerging DesignerKarolina Laskowska, Almeida
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