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Hobbit-Friendly Looks From Black Milk
Posted by richard | February 11, 2013

If Frodo Baggins had owned a pair of these wicked leggings, just think how much time he could have saved on his trek to Mordor.

The Hills of Gondor tights, adapted from a illustrated map drawn by Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien to accompany his fantasy opus, are the most popular piece in the new LOTR print collection from the addictive Aussie label Black Milk Clothing.

The Middle Earth collection of digital pop-art prints includes a variety of tights, swimsuits and body-con dresses bearing licensed imagery from both LOTR and The Hobbit.

It’s also easily the biggest project ever undertaken by the trendy youth label, whose legions of crazed fans are famous for shutting down the Black Milk webshop and exhausting its inventory whenever a new collection is released. (A second series of prints in the Middle Earth collection was due next week, but it’s been pushed back to March while the company processes orders.)

Even more remarkable than Black Milk’s meteoric growth, however, is its uncanny knack for pulling off deals to license some of the teen fashion world’s most coveted iconography. The Middle Earth deal followed on the heels of another coup last fall — a collection of interpretative Star Wars fashions, such as the Artoo swimsuit below.


The success of that venture, and Black Milk’s own fan-friendly vibe, helped land the Middle Earth deal, founder James Lillis told Lingerie Talk.

“They loved our stuff and we happy to do a deal,” he said.

And surprisingly, the Middle Earth range comes in at prices similar to most BM pieces, and lower than the premium-priced Star Wars set.

“We felt that the mark-ups on the Star Wars stuff maybe left a few too many girls unable to purchase them,” Lillis said. “So on this occasion we decided to have less margin, but allow more girls to share the awesome.”

We wrote this article a year ago describing Black Milk’s phenomenal appeal to teen shoppers, and the company’s trajectory hasn’t changed since then. It now boasts over 400,000 Facebook fans and is currently planning to set up foreign headquarters in both the U.S. and UK.

Here’s a few more styles from the first Middle Earth collection. Best idea: tights printed with the names of all the dwarves in The Hobbit!

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