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Aussie Girls Get A ‘Licence To Kill’
Posted by richard | February 28, 2013

There’s nothing cliché about the new Melbourne lingerie label KissKill, except its origins: it’s living proof of the old adage ‘when one door shuts, another one opens’.

KissKill founder Jane Carrodus was one of the casualties in the recent collapse of Bellechasse, a French-inspired premium label that was the latest attempt to create a home-grown luxury lingerie brand in Australia. Bellechasse made …

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Valentine’s Day may never be the same again.

The official Fifty Shades of Grey collection of ‘pleasure products’ made its North American debut on the weekend at New York’s Curve Expo lingerie trade show, drawing a steady stream of retail buyers eager to inspect the goodies. And make no mistake, it’s bound to do for the adult novelties industry what the steamy BDSM-themed trilogy did …

A Smokin’ Tribute to Warhol’s It Girl
Posted by richard | February 22, 2013

The photo campaign for the new lingerie collection from GlobLove includes something rarely seen in fashion photography these days: a model smoking a cigarette.

It’s obviously a prop (in some shots the cig is not even lit) but it’s such a glaring anachronism in our post-tobacco world that it leaps off the page.

It’s also a risky strategy in the luxury intimates industry, which prefers …

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The Lake and Stars’ Girly Show
Posted by richard | February 21, 2013

Well, we didn’t see THIS one coming.

The Lake and Stars, the iconoclastic U.S. indie label, served up a Valentine’s Day surprise to fans of its edgy undies last week — a super-pretty five-piece capsule collection for Kate Spade New York.

And a very girly one at that: pale blush silk trimmed with bright neon pink and decorated with little pink bows.

Very …

VPL’s Clutch Performance
Posted by richard | February 20, 2013

There’s a whole lot of change happening at VPL, which is surprising given that the New York brand has such a distinctive signature it could coast on its catalogue styles for years to come.

Instead, designer Victoria Bartlett continues to explore new frontiers like someone seeking the perfect fusion of art and fashion. It’s as though she’s not content with her legacy as the …

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