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Agent Provocateur Hits The Road
Posted by richard | January 21, 2013

If you lost your virginity on prom night or in the back seat of your high school boyfriend’s car, brace yourself for a shock: you’re part of a dying breed.

Recent studies have found that the incidence of early sexual activity among teens is declining, and that more women are waiting longer — often into their 20s — before surrendering their V-card. Moreover, researchers found that women who wait longer can expect more satisfying and more stable long-term relationships — and more secure jobs, as well! (Learn more here and here.)

I raise this point because modern reality seems to fly in the face of Agent Provocateur‘s new Spring 2013 lingerie campaign, which is built around iconic images of hot skimpily-clad girls and hot vintage cars — inseparable and deeply resonant archetypes that conjure up familiar associations in everyone’s imagination. The campaign slogan reinforces the imagery: ‘Dress For Adventure‘.

Of course, AP has its finger on the throbbing pulse of women’s sexuality more than most brands, so the decline in backseat groping isn’t really going to cut into its market share. These are mature fashions for confident, experienced women, not something to be torn off in the throes of teenaged passion.

The flashy new collection called On The Road is meant as an homage to “prom queens and road movie heroines” and offers plenty of frilly bits that would make Henry Ford blush.

It’s a nostalgic collection that recalls some of the glamor of the 1950s and 60s, but with very modern connotations. Let’s face it: nobody wore this kind of kit under their prom dress back then.

There are several standouts among the 12 new style ranges, including the blazing pink, satin Marcha siren dress that creates a pinup silhouette worthy of Mad Men.

The swinging 60s get a nod with the mesh-and-lace Jaccinta range, which uses fluorescent orange ribbon and satin bows as trim on a black polka-dot base; and the all-black Lacy range (shown in the main photo, modeled by Crystal Renn) is meant to recall the glamor of the same period.

Fans of Agent Provocateur will probably be most excited about the bright candy colors throughout this range — especially the cornflower blue and hot pink Abbey range, which AP calls “prom queen colors”. But for drop-dead dramatic effect, the most arresting style in this collection is the one that’s closest to the kinky, all-black ensembles that have been AP’s signature for years — the fashion-forward Florie range, which includes a satin collar and a black metal chain that hooks on to a sleek, sculpting waspie.

How you put that chain to use is your business, but it’ll make a great place to hang your BF’s tool belt the next time you find yourself in the backseat of his vintage convertible.

Here’s a peek at the new On The Road collection from Agent Provocateur, and its stylish marketing campaign. The collection also includes half a dozen new swimwear styles and several new bridal ensembles as well.

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