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Check the Dolls Singing Deck The Halls
Posted by richard | December 12, 2012

The best commercials from Victoria’s Secret are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously — like this little gem featuring a handful of supermodels butchering the lyrics to “Deck The Halls“.

They’ve done this sort of thing several times before and there’s always a troubling subtext — ie., let’s all laugh at the ditzy babes — but it’s saved by the tone-deaf Angels’ mugging and self-mockery. You can almost see the “smart” Angels trying to sound dumb.

That leaves Doutzen Kroes in the thankless role (again) of the designated airhead, mangling her lines happily — although it’s likely the result of language difficulties rather than bubble brains. As she complains at the end, “It’s not fair to have a model singing!”

Victoria’s Secret did an entire segment during its annual televised fashion show last week in which company execs and models gushed shamelessly about how good their own TV ads are, referring specifically to those multi-million-dollar Bond-like epics directed by schlocky action director Michael Bay.

Personally, I’ll take the semi-unscripted, blooper-style vignettes like the one below every time. Because nothing is sexier than a woman with a sense of humor about herself.

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