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Video: A Shopping Guide For Men That Might Actually Work
Posted by richard | December 7, 2012

You’ve probably seen 100 versions of those lingerie buying guides for men that pop up on retail websites, blogs and in print media at this time of year, offering tips to avoid an awkward Christmas gift exchange like the one above.

Most of these helpful guides are repetitive and condescending, treating men like a pack of drooling dolts who don’t have enough smarts to check their partners’ bra size and who really only care about getting the missus into a pair of crotchless undies. (TIP: If that sounds like your guy, time to upgrade!)

Whether there’s any truth in that reverse-sexist stereotype, one thing’s clear: men aren’t paying attention, either to their partners’ needs …. or those patronizing shopping guides.

A survey on this subject conducted by the excellent UK retailer Fox & Rose last month produced shocking — if not surprising — results. The poll of 1,600 British women found 20% never wore the lingerie gifts given them by their male partners, 25% only wore their gift item once, and two-thirds were just plain disappointed by their guy’s not-so-thoughtful stab at intimate shopping.

The bottom line, so to speak, was that an estimated £100 million was spent each year on ‘wasted’ lingerie gifts that left women disappointed and men muttering bitterly.

Which brings us back to those dull ‘shopping guides’ to help men up their game in this important arena. Sorry ladies, but men obviously aren’t reading them.

But help is at hand. A Vancouver retailer, Diane’s Lingerie, has produced a new video for men that may actually succeed in getting your ADHD couch monkey to put down the remote and pay attention for three minutes.

It’s secret? Using boob jokes, sports references and a well-meaning Zach Braff lookalike who really wants to do the right thing. His best tip: when in doubt, do her laundry.

And that’s not all. To back up the video, Diane’s has set up a toll-free 24/7 phone hotline (1-877-456-BRAS (2727)) where store experts can answer all your guy’s goofiest questions and direct him toward suitable gift choices.

Have a look, then forward this link to all the guys in your office. They’ll find this funny, even if you don’t.

Besides, they’ve got nothing better to do while the hockey players are on strike.

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3 Responses to “Video: A Shopping Guide For Men That Might Actually Work”

  1. Avigayil says:

    Brilliant. I had my husband watch the video with me. 😀

  2. ellen lewis says:

    Fabulous Post! Very Clever!

  3. Marc says:

    Nice one. These things have to be shown to an average man (like me). I’ve watched it twice!!

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