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What Goes Up …
Posted by richard | November 19, 2012

… must come down, in this case transformed by the experience.

People have been asking if the seven women participating in the Be Bold, Take The Leap project in California went ahead with (and survived) this weekend’s event. The answer, as these images show, is a resounding yes.

As we reported last week, the fearless group went skydiving over Lake Elsinore, CA, wearing outfits donated by luxury lingerie brand Naked Princess.

The project was conceived by Esme + Eve boudoir photography studio as a way to symbolize women’s ability to confront their fears and overcome insecurities. The company held a contest to choose the jumpers, inviting women to discuss personal traumas in their lives and how they got past them.

You can learn more about the project here or on the Esme + Eve Facebook page.

Judging by the jubilant Twitter messages flying around after Saturday’s jump, everyone landed safely, no doubt with hearts thumping like crazy.

Esme + Eve is putting together a documentary on the project and this weekend’s jump, so watch their website and YouTube channel for updates.

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