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How To Spice Up Your ‘Secret Santa’
Posted by richard | November 19, 2012

Did everyone catch this year’s best — and sneakiest — cinematic product placement?

It happens early in Skyfall, when James Bond is undergoing psychological testing to determine if he’s fit for 007 duties. The shrink makes him play a game of word association, and it goes like this:

Shrink: Agent?

Bond: Provocateur.

Shrink: Woman?

Bond: Provocatrix.

Of course, Bond might only be referring to spies in general. Sure, and maybe he just prefers the taste of Heineken beer, too.

To my ears, though, it sounded like a winking plug for the erotic UK lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, which is the sort of thing Bond would know about.

It’s been that kind of year for AP, which manages to make news on a regular basis without even trying very hard.

And the latest offering from AP’s marketing wizards offers another example of how the brand is working its way into our collective consciousness.

AP’s new ‘Secret Santa’ video is certain to add some spice to office Christmas parties around the world this year. And it might also be the funniest lingerie video you’ll ever see.

The Nick Jones short film offers a ribald take on the seasonal gift-exchange ritual of the Secret Santa which, in my experience, always seems to result in people giving me cookies or wine glasses or cologne.

Maybe not this year, though. I’ll be forwarding AP’s ‘Secret Santa’ video to everyone I know, hoping someone gets the hint.

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