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Joan Jett’s Next Favorite Store
Posted by richard | November 16, 2012

After weeks of teasing, Hot Topic this week finally lifted the curtain on the first store in its spinoff mall chain Blackheart Lingerie.

And for fans of showy DIY fashion with a heavy dose of punk attitude, Blackheart delivers the goods. This will be the new favorite store of Joan Jett, or possibly her kids.

Blackheart opened the first of five test-market locations in Glendale, CA on Wednesday night, but there’s also an online shop for those who can’t wait till the brand reaches a mall near you.

And the collection is broad: plenty of T-shirt bras and lace briefs, leggings, corsets, sleepwear, loungewear, a smattering of beauty products and jewelry, plus a random assortment of clothing such as tanks and tunics that are meant to complement the brand’s undies.

Much has been made of Blackheart’s rock-n-roll appeal and the perception that it’s offering an edgy alternative to Victoria’s Secret‘s Pink label and other girly mall brands.

Sure enough, there’s not much pink in the Blackheart collection. Instead, you’ll find lots of skulls and inverted crosses; leopard, zebra and faux snakeskin prints; and plenty of metallic buckles and studs to match your Hot Topic spikey jewelry. A lot of it is sexy but, like the bullet-print boyshorts above, it’s a long way from anyone’s traditional idea of romantic.

There’s a range of “statement” panties which, much like those at Victoria’s Secret, are printed with teasing slogans — although, at Blackheart the slogans are less flirty and more in-your-face. Collect the whole set of Yes/No/Maybe/Later briefs to handle all occasions, or for an unmistakeable meaning just grab a pair with the word “Bang” printed across the butt. And, for a bit of metrosexual mystery, see what kind of reaction you get from the pair with the slogan “Come at me, bro“.

The HT/Blackheart team says it’s all about creating “individual style” for its customers, but its online shop also offers some themed assortments to help you find your niche — whether you fancy yourself a party girl, bombshell or rebel, Blackheart has already done the hard part and figured out what looks will fit.

If there’s a surprise in the Blackheart collection it’s the rather small assortment of celebrity branded gear, the kind of thing that is Hot Topic’s bread-and-butter.

There are ho-hum printed tanks with Bob Marley’s and Marilyn Monroe’s familiar faces and GNR and Rolling Stones logos, but otherwise the only licensed product from this century appears to be a Wiz Khalifa slogan tee.

We assume the dearth of true rock-star gear is only temporary, and will change just as soon as Joan Jett — or Taylor Momsen? — reads this.

Here’s a sample of what’s in store at Blackheart Lingerie. We think the lace top with skull pattern in the third photo just kills.

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