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Forget about snow on the ground, lights on the trees and holiday music playing in the malls.

The surest sign that Christmas is coming is when high-end lingerie brands start rolling out their most extravagant (and expensive) gift items to tempt the sugar daddies and test their gold cards.

So far this year, the most exquisite (and costliest) creation goes to UK luxury label Fred & Ginger, which teamed up with fine jewelry house Diablom’s to craft a diamond bra-and-knickers set priced at £25,000.

For all those readers now reaching for their calculators, that works out to a cool $40,000 USD. And it elevates the Fred & Ginger set well above last year’s leader in the price-tag sweepstakes, a $25,000 crystal playsuit from Agent Provocateur.

According to F&G designer Victoria Holt, the diamond set was inspired by that most enduring, and glittering, childhood fantasy — Cinderella and her horse-drawn carriage.

The bra showcases a central diamond (0.5ct) on a pendulum, surrounded by an 18ct yellow-gold framework adorned with 69 smaller diamonds. The knickers also feature four diamonds on each side.

Each order will be made-to-measure and its silk lingerie is available in gold, black navy, or ivory.

London residents can get a glimpse of the glittering smalls by visiting Coco De Mer in Covent Garden, which is selling the set and displaying it in its store windows.

Ladies, you know what this means: time to start dropping hints!

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