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Wherefore Art Thou, Wildfox?
Posted by richard | October 22, 2012

It’s been said that every generation has to discover Shakespeare in its own way.

And these days there are countless pathways to the Bard: from Woody Allen to Julie Taymor to Gnomeo and Juliet and many more.

But what about a lingerie collection aimed at dreamy young girls that tries to capture the timeless heartache of Romeo and Juliet?

Wildfox Couture, the youth-centric L.A. streetwear brand, has done just that with its debut underwear collection called Wildfox White Label Intimates.

As eclectic as everything in the Wildfox oeuvre, the new line was inspired by Juliet Capulet, “if she had been alive in ’90s and starred in The Real World.”

Thus, the Wildfox version of Juliet captured in the evocative photoshoot that launches the collection wears a nose ring and chain and spends her time staring out the windows of her sparsely furnished loft, waiting for her Romeo.

“I remember in high school having a shrine of Leonardo DiCaprio pictures, dreaming I was Claire Danes in angel wings,” Emily Faulstich, part of the Wildfox design team, says in a blog post.

“As teenagers we idolized the bright, poppy aesthetic and slightly punk edge to the movie (Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet), and loved the romantic story and poetry of it. Our intimates try and convey this romanticism and rebellion.”

(The lookbook image below captures that spirit and reminds us that the original R&J was really just a story of teenage hormones and gang warfare — eternal themes, indeed!)

True to its parent label’s DNA, Wildfox Intimates doesn’t look anything like most lingerie collections. It’s an odd but cute assortment of soft bras and briefs, one-armed asymmetrical mesh bodysuits, tops and leggings.

It purports to offer a “vintage” appeal, but with Wildfox that really means 15 or 20 years ago. So you’ll find plenty of the kind of big floral prints, pop-art digital imagery and cryptic slogans you get in Wildfox’s t-shirts and tops.

“Wildfox Intimates are for the most poetic of girls,” the company says on its website before going on for another 200 words to explain exactly what that means. “The girls who live for romance, who lay in bed collaging Polaroids of the ocean, who memorize constellations, scribble poetry across blank pages of homemade paper, love their cat more than anything, and hang curtains of pink lace. …

This is the girl who wears pajamas to a party, or a bra over her t-shirt — the girl who loves dancing in her underwear, cooking in an apron and panties, and starting games of strip poker with her friends. You’ve met her before, maybe you’ve had sleepovers at her house. You’ve seen her clothes strewn all over the bathroom, admired dainty bras hanging from antique lampshades, you’ve laughed about boys as she sat in cloud print underwear and did her makeup in front of a beautiful vanity.

Now that‘s a soliloquy worthy of Shakespeare himself. (Read the entire blurb here.)

Wildfox’s first foray into underwear is a heartfelt affair and it’s going to be a huge hit with all those shy, pining Juliets out there who can advertise their desires with a heart-print bodysuit or oversized top with “Oh Romeo, Romeo” printed on it.

It’s more stylish than scholarly but, as we said, there are no wrong ways to discover and make Shakespeare your own.

Here are some images from Wildfox Intimates‘ very naturalistic lookbook. Watch for the collection itself to show up in the company webshop soon.

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