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The Bottle That Became A Woman
Posted by richard | October 18, 2012

Modeling a new design for a soda bottle doesn’t sound like the kind of assignment your typical starlet might covet.

Unless, of course, the designer is Jean Paul Gaultier and the product is Coke, whose iconic hourglass bottle is considered a landmark of suggestively erotic design.

Gaultier recently wrapped up his guest gig as artistic director of Coke Lite (the Euro version of Diet Coke) by creating a tattoo-print nude bodysuit based on the last of his three limited-edition bottle designs.

Picked to model the stunning creation was British model Daisy Lowe, whose curvy profile lends itself well to the Coke bottle shape.

One of the world’s most enduring myths from the field of contemporary design is that the Coke bottle’s contours were inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Alas, the truth is the Coke shape was inspired by a cocoa bean pod. Even more regrettable: the Gaultier bodysuit isn’t for sale.

For collectors, though, you can find the three-piece set of Gaultier’s Coke Lite bottles for sale on EBay, running up to $80 each.

Here are two more shots from the Daisy/JPG/Coke collabo, followed by Coke’s behind-the-scenes video of the memorable shoot.

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