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Garbo Unclothed: The Photo Series
Posted by richard | October 17, 2012

If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Greta Dreams photo exhibition in New York last week, we have the full series for you today.

The show combined the talents of Parisian lingerie designer and stylist Britta Uschkamp and NYC photographer Amber Rima.

Together they posed actress/writer Lauren LoGiudice in a series of portraits that were meant to complement LoGiudice’s new play, Garbo Dreams, about the reclusive screen icon’s battles with fame and loneliness. The play can be seen tomorrow (Oct. 18) at the Porter Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea.

Below are the series of 10 portraits from the Greta Dreams collaboration, with details on the lingerie pieces used.

‘Musical Forest’ silk dress & silk shorty by Britta Uschkamp;
Ballerina heels by Balmain
Bra by Chantal Thomass; high-waist briefs by Cheap Monday
Bra, knickers by Agent Provocateur; silk robe by Samantha Chang
Bra & knickers by Cheap Monday; printed silk blouse by Else;
Lounge pants by Samantha Chang
‘Beauty’ silk nightie by Britta Uschkamp; tulle/lace nightie by Samantha Chang;
Ruffled pink garter belt by Agent Provocateur; stockings by Sneaky Fox
Open scarf bra, double thong and silk scarf by Britta Uschkamp;
Vintage rolled-down romper; shoes by Pring
French knickers by Agent Provocateur; vintage bra;
Ropes by Britta Uschkamp; bracelet by Swarovski
Lace bra by Jagoda; silk scarves & ‘Rainbow Princess’ nightie by Britta Uschkamp;
Scarf by Marlies Dekkers; lace bow by Darja Richter; tulle/lace boyshort by Samantha Chang
Triangle bra & knickers by Underprotection
Same as above

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