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All-Day PJs? Poplin Pushes The Year’s Trickiest Trend
Posted by richard | October 12, 2012

The only person I know who wears pajamas in public is my niece, who has an Economics class at 8:30 in the morning in the building next to her college dorm. Sleepwear is a sensible style choice for many of her classmates.

For anyone else, wearing your jammies outside is a tricky look to pull off without appearing desperate, disheveled or like you’re headed for the laundromat.

Nevertheless, pajamas-as-daywear is becoming an increasingly popular style trend, one that makes a kind of nonchalant, anti-fashion fashion statement. It’s even got a celebrity trailblazer: Rihanna, who has made two high-profile red-carpet appearances recently dressed in couture jammies. That’s Riri in swanky Emilio Pucci on the right, below, and in a glamorous ensemble from Acne on the left.

Fortunately, you don’t need Rihanna’s bottomless fashion budget (or access to designers’ sample racks) to give the jammies-as-daywear look a try. All you need is a flair for experimentation and a little help from the new UK sleepwear label Poplin.

The young label is headed by Lucy Archibald, a former fashion writer for the intimates forecasting agency WGSN, who built her brand around the concept of PJs as a multi-use, multi-functional wardrobe staple.

Typically, we associate pajamas with comfort and relaxation, and it’s hard to imagine them as daywear without looking conspicuously casual — as if you forgot to get dressed this morning.

Poplin, however, promotes PJs as a layering component that adds both a casual flair and an air of originality to street ensembles. The company even created this photo campaign to show off some of the possibilities:

Poplin produces classic pajama styles inspired by men’s tailoring and with individual pieces named after familiar Hollywood icons.

The label offers short and long PJ ensembles as well as a classic nightshirt in two lengths. Sets are available in both silk and cotton, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in your quest to look on-trend. Price-wise, Poplin falls somewhere between luxury designer labels and high street brands — at £100-200 per set, these make an affordable gift for most shoppers.

Will the pajamas-as-daywear trend ever really gain a broad following? Maybe not; after all, it does sound a bit like something cooked up by the sleepwear industry to expand its market.

Whatever the case, Poplin has you covered, both indoors and out. As founder Archibald says on her website, the whole point of the Poplin collection is to offer something that is both practical and beautiful. “There’s no reason you can’t look wonderful while you’re relaxing,” she says.

For international customers, Poplin is available through the fashion boutique website, which offers international shipping.

Here are a few images from Poplin’s beautifully art-directed lookbook, this time showing some more conventional, indoor uses for its stylish jammies.

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