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A conceptual art/fashion/theater event in New York City this week will offer some unique visions of contemporary lingerie — and much more.

Greta Dreams” is a photography exhibit created to accompany and promote the one-act play Garbo Dreams by actress/playwright Lauren LoGiudice (above), which explores Garbo’s legendary battles with celebrity, fame and loneliness.

The photo exhibition brings together the talents of LoGiudice, New York photographer Amber Rima and Parisian lingerie designer Britta Uschkamp.

Uschkamp is renowned for her ribbon-based string lingerie as well the kind of experimental, decorative pieces you see here.

The “Greta Dreams” photo exhibit will also feature LoGiudice in lingerie pieces from Chantal Thomass, Samantha Chang and other designer labels.

The exhibit will be staged at retailer Prohibit NYC’s location on Allen Street in the Lower East Side, and opens Thursday, Oct. 11 with a reception from 7-9 p.m.

The play Garbo Dreams can be seen beginning Oct. 18 at the Porter Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea.

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3 Responses to “‘Greta Dreams’: Trio Teams Up To Explore Garbo’s Legacy”

  1. Jack H. Schick says:

    I look forward to Greta and Garbo Dreams.

  2. William 'Bill' Russo says:

    Along with her magical beauty, Lauren LoGiudice is an incredible actor. Dream on and on and wake to Greta Dreams for a fabulous reality!

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