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This Hallowe’en, I’m Dressing Up As Miranda
Posted by richard | September 26, 2012

Victoria’s Secret might be the first clothing retailer to turn ITSELF into a Hallowe’en costume.

Yes, this year you can dress up as Miranda or Candice or any of the other VS supermodels, simply by splurging on the Sexy Little Angel costume (above) that’s included in this year’s Sexy Little Fantasies collection of adult costumes.

This isn’t the same “angel” costume that appeared in previous collections — that was a more conventional take on celestial angels, complete with halo and miniature wings. Instead, the new version is inspired by those earthbound Angels who are familiar to millions of viewers of the annual televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The outfit — which promises to help you “sparkle up the runway” — is a sheer mesh teddy embellished with rhinestones and designed with revealing cutouts and a “cheekini” backside profile. It comes with an accompanying feather hairpiece and strap-on wings, but you’ll have to supply the 5-inch heels yourself.

It’s unclear where it might be appropriate to be seen in such a get-up, but if you’ve always fantasized about joining the high-voltage runway parade that is the VS Fashion Show — and inevitably dating Adam Levine — this might be your best chance.

The Angel costume ($136) is one of a handful of new pieces in the popular Sexy Little Fantasies lineup. There’s a Prohibition-era Sexy Little Mobster outfit and a Sexy Little Sergeant that will no doubt offer some comfort to military personnel returning from overseas duty. The company has also updated past bestsellers like the sailor and Santa outfits.

You can see the full collection and a brief intro video here.

What you won’t find this year in the VS Fantasies collection are a couple of dubious costumes that could be construed as racial stereotypes. The Sexy Little Geisha outfit (below) disappeared quickly, possibly due to this blogger’s complaints, and last year’s Sexy Little Senorita is likewise MIA.

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