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VPL’s Improved Visibility
Posted by richard | September 18, 2012

If you’re one of those people who has so far resisted the allure of trend-leading underwear label VPL, prepare to surrender.

The New York-based creator of those sporty color-blocked designs with the uber-cool wide elastic straps takes a slight detour this fall with a diffusion line aimed at expanding its audience.

The new set, called UV_UnderVisibles, is an exclusive collaboration with Anthropologie as part of the retailer’s “Made In Kind” designer series, and it’s only available through Anthro’s webshop.

UV is a gentler, somewhat understated collection by VPL standards, but that’s the point. It targets a younger customer who is more interested in comfortable, individual style choices than in recognizable brand signatures.

To achieve that, VPL design whiz Victoria Bartlett delivers her first collection of unique prints (above), based on a kind of random splatter pattern printed in subtle earth tones on soft stretch cotton.

There’s a reason VPL hasn’t done prints in its main collection — the print competes with the bold angular lines created by the straps and tends to dampen the powerful visual impact that you get from VPL’s color-blocked styles, which often stand on their own as pop-art fashion masterpieces.

The UnderVisibles collection is more versatile, and more conventionally pretty, although Bartlett stays true to her brand’s DNA by incorporating those familiar elastane straps and grosgrain bands in each piece.

The result is something like a VPL starter kit that will introduce a new generation to this brand’s bold styling and its uncompromising underwear-everywhere aesthetic. Here’s a few more examples from the Anthropologie collabo:

VPL is one of those rare lingerie labels that is constantly evolving and expanding its offerings, while staying true to a core vision. It hasn’t been “just” a lingerie label for a long time, producing several RTW fashion collections each year that are rooted in the geometric patterning and impeccable colorways that are the hallmarks of its underwear.

And, as the images below from VPL’s main A/W 2012 collection Manipulate show, its knitwear and other RTW fashions are not just stunning on their own, they are also designed to complement the company’s undies to create a unified overall look.

VPL also offers an eclectic mix of accessories, leather goods (including boots) and memorable jewelry items like the wicked Aurora rope necklaces from Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer.

The result is an entire wardrobe of compatible pieces. And the images below aren’t an optical illusion: you can find all of these items (leggings, boots, sweaters, bras, dresses and more) in VPL’s online shop or its amazing store on Mercer Street in NYC.


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