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Stella Covers A Lot Of Ground
Posted by richard | September 13, 2012

As I write this, a friend is outside in my big, unruly flower garden, trying to bring some order to the landscape before the squirrels start moving all the bulbs around in preparation for winter.

I’d like to say she looks as fetching as the model in the image above — from Lille Boutique‘s latest photo tribute to Stella McCartney lingerie — but the truth is she’s on her knees, caked in mud and sweating in the late summer sun.

I thought of showing her these pictures and suggesting she tidy up a little to please the lord of the manor, but then common sense returned and I kept my mouth shut. Besides, once I’m done this piece I’ll be out there myself, decked out like a casting reject from Hee Haw.

That’s the thing about Stella McCartney‘s lingerie collections: they make elegance seem simple, effortless and natural, as though you always look this good.

Boutique owner Sarah Wizeman and photographer Lisa Warninger understand this appeal, which they get across by shooting Stella’s pretty confections in the bucolic farm country of Sauvie Island near Portland, Oregon.

This is the third time Sarah and Lisa have teamed up to create their own lookbook for Stella’s seasonal collection, lending a distinctive local look to one of the world’s best young lingerie brands. Their vision is so spot-on, and so widely admired, it wouldn’t surprise me if some people think of Stella McCartney as a homegrown Portland designer label.

Of course, it could also be argued that Stella makes life easy for stylists and photographers (not to mention retailers) everywhere.

The new fall collection covers a lot of ground, with new styles that range from the ultra luxurious to cute-and-coquettish to bare-bones minimalist. And yes, that means many additions to the gerund-based nomenclature (Angela Grazing, Emilie Peeking, etc.) that has become one of the lingerie world’s most unusual and recognizable brand signatures.

There are updates to many of Stella’s catalogue ranges, while standouts among the new styles include: the Jodie Rocking set, a pink python-skin print in stretch silk; the lavish Julianne Joking set, which reveals a subtle leopard print made from dark Italian stretch jacquard; and Penny Buzzing, a vintage-inspired satin range with lovely pintucking and lace trim.

One of most admired items in the collection, though, will certainly be the Sarah Sailing set (above). It’s made from an ink-dark Leavers lace with an oversized floral pattern, and is embellished with glittering hematite stones. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s inspired by the memorable sparkling organza gown that Stella designed for Naomi Watts to wear to the 2011 MET fashion ball.

The fall collection also delivers the highly anticipated “basics” range from Stella McCartney. These pieces (above) are grouped under the label name Stella and they are what the designer was talking about last year when she said she was working on a new collection of “nearly invisible” lingerie.

The Stella basics line isn’t, strictly speaking, “invisible” … it’s just very thin and figure-hugging, ensuring no visible lines peeking through your outer layers. Made from matte and satin microfibre, it’s the company’s thinnest and lightest offering, and at price points that will bring this coveted designer label into more women’s wardrobes this fall.

Below are more images from Lille Boutique‘s photoshoot, profiling some of the new looks in Stella McCartney Lingerie‘s AW 2012 collection.

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