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Remember the name Sophia Graydon. It just might be America’s next great specialty designer label.

But before that can happen, Monica Nassif has to convince women to start treating themselves a little better at bedtime.

Nassif is the CEO and founder of the Minneapolis-based …

This Hallowe’en, I’m Dressing Up As Miranda
Posted by richard | September 26, 2012

Victoria’s Secret might be the first clothing retailer to turn ITSELF into a Hallowe’en costume.

Yes, this year you can dress up as Miranda or Candice or any of the other VS supermodels, simply by splurging on the Sexy Little Angel costume (above) that’s included …

Fashion designers who draw inspiration from the rich heritage of the Arab world should proceed with caution these days.

Given the nationalist passions, hair-trigger cultural sensitivities and rapidly evolving gender politics in countries from Morocco to Iran (and everywhere in between), the fashion industry needs …

Where In The World Is Fleur?
Posted by richard | September 24, 2012

It’s awfully hard to keep track of Fleur of England these days.

The independent luxury label releases a steady stream of new lingerie styles — it’s averaging five new mini-collections each season now — and somehow never repeats itself.

The images above and at the …

A Luxurious Tribute To Frederick’s Girl
Posted by richard | September 21, 2012

You might never have heard of Harriett Mellinger, but she probably had more influence on the 20th Century lingerie industry than Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page combined.

Harriett wasn’t a model, actress or fashion designer; she was the “muse” and “style adviser” …

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