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SockBox Stretches Its Legs
Posted by richard | August 16, 2012

As its name implies, SockBox got its start as a designer hosiery brand producing decorative tights and socks.

But the Eastern European label with the downmarket name had very upscale ambitions — and the design talent to match — and last year SockBox made the leap into luxury nightwear, bodysuits and lingerie.

The results can be seen here in T&#234te-&#224-T&#234te, SockBox’s first fully realized foray into the boudoir market.

T&#234te-&#224-T&#234te is a big, beautiful collection with nearly two dozen distinct pieces, ranging from lavish silk dressing gowns to fashion-forward mesh-and-leather bodies like the Passion Flower set below.

SockBox hails from Riga, Latvia, and you can see some those cultural roots in their occasional use of ornamental sashes and neckties and the broad, sweeping hems on their lavish nightgowns.

Designer Inese Krumina launched SockBox in 2008 and earned a number of young designer awards after debuting her first RTW legwear collection at Riga Fashion Week in 2010.

SockBox has made inroads with retailers across Europe and the UK and, thanks to the miracle of modern e-commerce, offers an online shop that ships worldwide.

Here’s a look at Sockbox’s T&#234te-&#224-T&#234te collection for fall 2012.

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  1. Avigayil Morris says:

    Hello! Loving this collection! It reminds me of Cirque Du Soleil…

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