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Sweet Dreams From Marjolaine
Posted by richard | August 10, 2012

The French label Marjolaine is best known for turning a few wardrobe staples — camis, slips, chemises — into ravishing artistic canvases.

A Marjolaine slip has some unmistakeable signature elements — slinky bias-cut silk, an overlaid Calais lace trim and matching hem, and often an understated floral print. The quality is unrivaled, and it’s no exaggeration to say that a Marjolaine piece belongs in every woman’s wardrobe, to be brought out for the most special occasions and the most deserving audience.

As these images from the Summer 2012 collection show, Marjolaine also brings the same artistry to the sleepwear pieces it includes in each season.

The image above, believe it or not, is an all-lace pajama set but it could also be part of your bridal trousseau. It features encrusted guipure trim, playful bellbottom flounces and elasticized cuffs that give it a 17th Century air.

A simpler, but equally appealing, sleepwear option is the nightdress below, in embroidered cotton and silk with lace trim.

We’ve also included some other images from Marjolaine‘s summer collection, which should give you an idea of how much innovation this label brings to a fairly conventional product line.

Marjolaine is still sold primarily in company stores and independent boutiques across France, but it’s gradually spreading to foreign markets as well. The Canadian distributor SBC Clothing picked up Marjolaine last year, which means discriminating shoppers can find this exquisite label in a growing number of luxury boutiques around North America.

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