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Blush Covers All The Bases for Fall
Posted by richard | June 29, 2012

European lingerie brands have been eying the North American market hungrily for years, looking for post-recession expansion opportunities and hoping to capitalize on American women’s growing taste for old-world finery.

The Canadian label Blush probably can’t stop this invasion singlehandedly, but it won’t be for lack of trying.

For the past couple of seasons, Blush has set out to beat the great European labels at their own game, delivering opulent collections that mimic French and Italian styling but at much more affordable price points.

How serious is this family-run Montreal label about its ambitious business plan? Earlier this year they launched a companion label, Suite B, in Europe that will compete against other luxury brands on their own turf. And they named their premium collection ‘Black Label‘ — appropriating the name once associated with La Perla before that iconic Italian brand was reorganized a few years ago.

Blush‘s fall-winter range, which will begin arriving in stores next week, is filled with the sophisticated looks the label has become known for. Plus a few very distinctive styles that will leave a lasting impression all winter long.

Best example? The wonderful snow leopard print of the Minx range (top photo) — surprise your mate with this perfect ensemble (and nothing else) under your faux fur coat when chilly nights return!

There are also some spirited colorways in this collection: the bright cherry wine in the aptly-named Divine Opulence range (below), and the light wisteria hue seen in the Chance set (above) — although I think of this as a spring color, since that’s when the magnificent wisteria on my front lawn blooms!

Blush is working hard to cover all the bases these days. In addition to its European-influenced signature line, they offer an ultra-luxe Black Label collection of tastefully seductive looks for special occasions, as well as the Be collection of homewear, pjs and lounging pieces, all designed with comfort in mind.

Here’s a look at the ad images and style names for Blush‘s FW2012 collection … just one more thing for us to celebrate on Canada Day weekend!

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3 Responses to “Blush Covers All The Bases for Fall”

  1. Abby says:

    Congratulations to Blush on producing such an amazing collection. All of these items are beautiful, I’m struggling to pick my favourite. If I were pushed to make a choice I think
    I’d go for the Divine Opulence, Etoile, and definitely the Minx ranges. Well done Blush, I hope to see more from them in the future.

  2. Cheri says:

    I was given the opportunity to review some of the Blush items for my blog and they truly are stunning. Looking forward to seeing their future designs.

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