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Pop Art: Gaultier’s New Diet Coke Bottle
Posted by richard | June 26, 2012

Does anyone in the fashion world have more fun than Jean Paul Gaultier?

The irrepressible (and undeniably loopy) designer also moonlights as creative director for Diet Coke

in Europe, which has just released campaign images for JPG’s third bottle design. That’s right, lingerie-inspired couture Coke bottles!

This edition is called ‘Tattoo‘ and it channels the French designer’s fascination with body art. Two previous bottles called ‘Day‘ and ‘Night‘ featured Gaultier’s signature Breton sailor stripes and a black corset design, respectively.

The new campaign is also great advertising for Gaultier’s collaboration with lingerie brand La Perla. The unidentified model is wearing the braided silk tulle waist cincher and conical bra from the Créateur range, Gaultier’s first collabo with La Perla in 2011.

As before, getting your hands on these thirst-quenching babies is tricky. You can find them in Harvey Nichols in the UK and a variety of high-end boutiques across Europe, but so far we can’t find any US distributors.

Your best bet is probably Ebay, where an individual bottle from one of the earlier two designs can be had for about $15.

Better still, go for the mint-condition gift set (above) complete with Coke glass, two bottles and a commemorative case. The price? A mere $155.

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  1. Avigayil says:

    Hey, I am in Paris, France for another 5 days, know where I can find them here? Thanks er so much. Btw Lascivious is having an awesome sale right now. So is Agent Provoctaour but you have to search sale to find it right now.

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