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Gisele’s Second Act
Posted by richard | April 30, 2012

The new lingerie collection from reigning ultramodel Gisele B&#252ndchen begs an obvious question: how long (or how soon) till this label makes its way to boutiques in New York, London, Paris and everywhere else?

The second set from the Gisele B&#252ndchen Brazilian Intimates label is already in shops in Gisele’s native country, but it has all the earmarks of a brand with worldwide ambitions.

The collection is much less sexy-glam oriented than Gisele’s debut range last year — a gorgeous initial offering that was made for Brazil’s overheated climate and libidos.

This time, Gisele dials it down a few notches with a conventional collection that aspires to cover all the bases in the luxury separates market. Hope Lingerie has used the same broad approach with great success in the Brazilian basics market, and clearly Gisele has learned from her long association with Hope.

Her new collection includes three style ranges: the silk-and-lace Diva; the delicate Wish; and the Rococo set, which brings in modern microfiber alongside satin and lace.

The silhouettes have a kind of universal appeal: sexy and romantic but far more modest than anything you’d see at Rio’s Carnival. In fact, they’d sell anywhere.

And you know Gisele and her team are monitoring international reaction. Her blog on the weekend gushed about coverage of the new collection in People, Huffington Post and PopSugar.

Of course, the biggest selling feature of GB Brazilian Intimates is Mrs. Brady herself. Any brand bearing the name and image of the world’s top supermodel has an enormous advantage over almost everything else.

Can’t you just see these fabulous images from Gisele’s longtime collaborator Nino Mu&#241oz staring back at you from the windows of boutiques anywhere fine lingerie is sold?

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  1. Letitia says:

    Absolutely stunning lingerie! Can’t believe this label hasn’t been around for longer. The designs are so divine and chic!

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